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Commanders Act

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Customer Data Platform

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Our server-side connectors allow your teams to quickly and efficiently connect your systems and partners. They are an addition to our library of 1200+ client-side connectors. A library that is constantly evolving.

Whatever the category you are looking for (advertising, emailing, SMS, onsite personalization, push notifications, mobile), take advantage of integrations that are easy to set up, require no special technical skills and can be customised.




Years of experience

Top 3

« Enterprise TMS » as per Gartner

8 000+

Certified users

A proven and recognised platform

Trusted by our customers

Carole Vinatier Gresta
SEO & Tracking Manager

Over the years, the team members have proven to be highly available for supporting our changes, and strong ties have developed between both companies.

Taux d’option
Iskander Daagi
Digital Marketing Deputy Manager

The Commanders Act CDP has enabled us to refine our customer knowledge and optimise our digital levers.

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