Month: July 2015

Radio France

Michael Vuillaume of Radio France discusses how enterprise tag management has given it agility in managing its marketing cloud and exploiting its data.

Yellow Pages

Alexandre Métier of Yellow Pages Canada reveals the strategic role of data collection in improving its services and ensuring its ongoing digital transformation.

Air France

Hermione Vaury of Air France shares how the company has slashed marketing project implementation times and has improved the day-to-day productivity of its marketing teams.

Lagardère Active

Dilson Varela Ribeiro of Lagardère Active tells of how enterprise tag management has enabled it to better manage its monetisation solutions, optimise visitor engagement and reduce IT dependency.

Marketing Agility

Our customers Disneyland Paris, Air France, Lagardère Active, and Radio France discuss tag management and how it has helped them in their marketing efforts.


Alexandrine Loubradou of Venca discusses the power of custom cross-channel attribution models in optimising its acquisition spend.

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