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5 to ePrivacy!


How to prepare your Marketing for ePrivacy using using an integrated CMP-CDP?

  • May 2018: a new beginning for personal data

• Minimum time, maximum penalties
• Renewed protection for individuals
• New responsabilities for businesses
• Privacy by design
• Accountability
• Pseudonymization

  • Manage the consent lifecycle

• Requirement #1 | Oversee compliance
• Requirement #2 | Collect and categorize consent
• Requirement  #3 | Supervise from end to end

  • Think Privacy by design throughout the entire CDP

• Record consent and actions taken
• Control storage and secure access
• Minimise and pseudonymise data
• Supervise data matching

  • What will change as a result of the ePrivacy Regulation?

• Arrival of the ePrivacy Regulation
• Proposed ePrivacy Regulation and the latest developments in Germany

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