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Cas client : CMNE

All the project and use cases were designed to comply with the GDPR
Caroline Slosse
Digital and data project manager



    • Digital data leveraged to generate in-branch appointments
    • Segments refined year on year with rising conversion rates
    • +22% more appointments booked in 2018 for profiles detected by the CDP and contacted by telemarketing
Case studies

With Commanders Act, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe uses digital technology to benefit its branches

Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe is a leading bancassurance provider with operations across northern France, Belgium and Luxembourg. CMNE has developed a network of 527 sales offices and delivers services to 1.7 million customers.

In 2016, CMNE noticed that only 21% of its customers visited an agency, whereas 97% of its web traffic was concentrated on users viewing their accounts.

How can you encourage customers to visit or return to their local agency? To answer this question, the CMNE Group has decided to capitalise on its data by implementing a CDP (Customer Data Platform).

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