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Cas client : Moniwan

The Commanders Act CDP has enabled us to refine our customer knowledge and optimise our digital levers
Iskander Daagi
Digital Marketing Deputy Manager



    • Have a 360 view of the customer’s journey
    • Optimise the measurement of conversion levers



    • A CDP implemented in 6 months
    • Clearer visibility of the subscription process
    • Creation of typical customer profiles
    • An average basket up 16%
    • Collection of new customers up to 13% in 2020
Case studies

Moniwan optimises its customer journey with the Commanders Act CDP

Moniwan, part of La Française Group, mainly owned by Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe, has chosen the property sector, and in particular the SCPI market, as its playground.

Optimise all the touchpoints that punctate the average 30-day subscription cycle by implementing a Customer Data Platform. That was the target Moniwan – a benchmark property investment firm – set for themselves. And met.

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