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Cas client : Sorgenia

+ 15 % more conversions
+ 1 point increase in conversion
+ 25 % more traffi c in acquisition
+ 10 % more page views
+ 15 % longer browsing sessions


    • Attract new clients
    • Strengthen the company’s presence in the residential market through cross-selling with the cluster of VAT-registered professionals
    • Provide a comprehensive customer service that covers the entire customer journey
    • Continue to personalise the website browsing experience
Case studies

Sorgenia personalizes the offer and improves customer assistance by exploiting the digital possibilities

Sorgenia is an Italian energy supplier who took advantage of the Commanders Act platform to customize its offer and improve its customer service

The company has identified three main challenges:

    • Taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded by digital technology to help transition towards a free energy market;
    • Attracting new clients;
    • Setting up a comprehensive support service that covers the entire customer journey.

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