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Consent management in Spain: 5 reasons to accelerate

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Although Spain has adopted the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) like many other European Union countries, its application on the ground remains contrasted. Like the CNIL in France, the SADP (Spanish Agency for Data Protection) has issued guidelines and published guides to support companies and facilitate their compliance with the GDPR, particularly with regard to […]

4 steps in preparation for server-side tag management

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With the advent of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) updates from Apple and Google’s announcement to get rid of third-party cookies, server-side tag management really gained momentum. Most browsers, devices and channels have now stopped using third-party cookies, which will make client-side tagging obsolete in the future. These 4 steps in preparation for server-side tag management […]

Infographics – 10 misconceptions about Server-Side

Access the full article on the 10 myths about the Server-Side here.

White Paper – How do you prepare for the cookieless world?

And why the Server-Side model will become your greatest ally … and how to prepare for a cookieless world. Essential and fragile in equal measure: that’s exactly how the status of data could be summed up in 2022. Data are essential. Take away data, and digital operations effectively lose their power of sight, whether disseminating […]

The benefits of the Server-Side model

There are two ways to collect the signals that customers send out when visiting a website or using a mobile app. The first method involves getting the browser to execute small fragments of code (tags) when loading pages. These tags collect and send the data (origin, content, profile, etc.) to the partners who have been […]

Server-side: 10 myths debunked

In the wake of the cookieless era, the “server-side” model (i.e. server-based data collection) is steadily gaining traction among digital marketing teams in their campaign roadmaps. This new development has raised a number of question marks, doubts and fears, and has even spawned a few myths…   Myth #1: “With server-side model, tags are dead […]

Server-side: “tagless” data collection and processing for faster and safer websites

Server-side tag management involves executing tags on the actual server, rather than on the browser. The upshot is that it reduces the number of calls from the browser and turbocharges webpage loading times, while improving the security and confidentiality of the data collected.  Unified tag collection for enhancing the customer experience  The most common approach […]
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