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Consent Management Platform

Your customers’ data deserves the best protection

Consent is about Brand Equity

Consent is not just a compliancy issue. It’s a commitment from Organizations to secure and protect customer and prospects data in a world which is accelerating digital transformation and where data has become central in most of Tech and Business initiatives.

Integrate your consent strategy within your Marketing

The collection of consent can follow certain market standards, but the integration of consent remains a personal matter that must be adapted to the identity of each brand.

Our Consent Management capabilities with TrustCommander allow you to customise your system and respect your wishes.

Trusted by our customers

Rely on a proven and recognised platform

Carole Vinatier Gresta
SEO & Tracking Manager

Over the years, the team has shown a great availability to accompany our evolutions and the relationship has become fusional.

Opt-in rate
    Protect your customer’s data with TrustCommander

    Optimise your consent rate

    Consent is the new marketing metric. At the heart of your media investment performance, it is the result of the trust you inspire through your device.

    Our teams share our best practices with you. Through TrustCommander, you regularly test alternative devices in order to have a competitive and optimised consent rate.

    Build your own Marketing Preference Center

    Integrating a dedicated area inside your client area makes a huge difference between proactive brands that want to develop brand equity and reactive brands. Transparency and update capabilities are a must have for all clients area.

    Control compliancy

    Your digital properties are an everchanging perimeter. Keeping an eye on them is tough, even if your process are set-up and smart.

    Control your web pages by performing a complete scan of cookies deposited and by limiting the domains allowed to interact with your site.

    Stay compliant with TrustCommander

    Share your consent signals

    We bring consent signals up to the customer interaction channels and ensure that it will be properly taken into consideration for activation campaigns. We enable the consent signals to be shared with all components of your customer stack. We also enable it to be collected within all channels.

    Reach GDPR compliancy even with server-side

    Our consent signals can be collected in a “device-based” or “cloud-based” approach. Not only consent signals is needed in a server-side approach but it can be also shared with tools and teams which need it. The external audit capabilities remain similar, as does the proof of compliance.

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