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Checklist 2022 – Improve your tracking before Black Friday

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  Like every year, Black Friday promises to attract a lot of people, which should generate a large amount of data to be processed by data teams. Make sure your tracking is ready for this event by reading our best practices.     Did you like this checklist and want to know more about your […]

Consent management in Spain: 5 reasons to accelerate

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Although Spain has adopted the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) like many other European Union countries, its application on the ground remains contrasted. Like the CNIL in France, the SADP (Spanish Agency for Data Protection) has issued guidelines and published guides to support companies and facilitate their compliance with the GDPR, particularly with regard to […]

4 steps in preparation for server-side tag management

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With the advent of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) updates from Apple and Google’s announcement to get rid of third-party cookies, server-side tag management really gained momentum. Most browsers, devices and channels have now stopped using third-party cookies, which will make client-side tagging obsolete in the future. These 4 steps in preparation for server-side tag management […]

How to choose the right CDP?

All Customer Data Platforms can build unified customer profiles. But features still vary widely among systems, both in terms of the core features that build customer profiles and additional features that perform other functions. Finding the right CDP for your business requires a close look at what each system provides compared with what your company […]

Identifying & reaching out to consumers across channels

Whether on the website, in the store or via email, every channel which enables consumers to communicate with a company generates customer data. However, each of these channels provides only a fraction of the information about the consumer as a person. Only when the various details are amalgamated does a uniform picture emerge – like […]

Infographics – 10 misconceptions about Server-Side

Access the full article on the 10 myths about the Server-Side here.

Privacy Good practices 2022

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Privacy Barometer 2022

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The benefits of the Server-Side model

There are two ways to collect the signals that customers send out when visiting a website or using a mobile app. The first method involves getting the browser to execute small fragments of code (tags) when loading pages. These tags collect and send the data (origin, content, profile, etc.) to the partners who have been […]

Server-side: 10 myths debunked

In the wake of the cookieless era, the “server-side” model (i.e. server-based data collection) is steadily gaining traction among digital marketing teams in their campaign roadmaps. This new development has raised a number of question marks, doubts and fears, and has even spawned a few myths…   Myth #1: “With server-side model, tags are dead […]

Consent Management in Europe – an overview of the situation in Germany, France, Italy and the UK

When it comes to data protection, marketers are also greatly concerned about the issue of consent management. Especially for internationally orientated companies and their marketing departments, it is often not easy to obtain an accurate overview of applicable data protection regulations in different countries. One thing is clear: the GDPR is the benchmark in this […]

Does the mix of first, second and third-party data need an overhaul?

First, second and third-party data are suffering from the fallout of consent collection regulations and the end of third-party cookies. Zero-party data are shaping up to be a solution. Major changes are sweeping the digital marketing scene, especially when it comes to data. The time has come to review the classics, particularly the famous trio […]

Why server-side strategies (full or hybrid) are within easier reach than you might think

Implementing a so-called server-side tag management strategy is often considered to be a challenge, except that there are two ways to go about it… The growing popularity of ad blockers, the heralded (albeit delayed) end of third-party cookies… the latest developments sweeping the internet have focused the spotlight on server-side tag management, which is also […]

The Italian Garante new guidelines for cookies use

On June 10th, 2021, the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali) has published new guidelines for cookie usage. It comes after 6 months of public consultation on cookies topic. The aim of these new guidelines is to identify the legal requirements applicable to the use of cookies and to suggest […]

What are the alternatives to cookies?

Google may have recently granted third-party cookies a stay of execution, but the question is still a hot topic. What solutions are available for replacing cookies? How can companies maintain their digital activations while protecting personal data? Time to review the options. A stay of execution… that is exactly what Google recently granted by announcing […]

Why we decided to redesign TrustCommander’s Consent Analytics Dashboard, 2 years after the GDPR?

The market needed statistics but the maturity was missing. We wanted to simplify and adopt a more ‘business-like’ approach in the selection and presentation of the main metrics in TrustCommander. And then the latest directives from the France’s data protection authority (CNIL), made certain metrics obsolete or less important. Measuring implicit consent no longer makes […]

Integrate Shopify easily with TagCommander

If you want a job done well, do it yourself. We tend to forget it nowadays, but that old adage contains a scrap of Shopify’s DNA. A long time has passed since Snowdevil, the online snowboard store, which was built on the Ruby on Rails framework. That was back in 2004, and since then the […]

Privacy Barometer 2021

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