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Privacy Barometer 2022: consent collection practices are becoming increasingly standardised

One year after the latest directives from France’s data protection authority were enacted, most websites are now equipped with a consent banner. Collection mechanisms are gradually becoming standardised, but certain best practices relating to the design, look & feel and user experience are continuing to prove their ability to ramp up performance. Paris, 31 May […]

Commanders Act announces the launch of a new innovation cycle

In response to the changes sweeping the digital ecosystem and customers’ expectations for managing and using data, a technological transformation is required to ensure a seamless digital marketing service.   Paris, 15 March 2022 – Commanders Act, the publisher of a cookieless marketing platform, takes a look back over the last 10 years and goes […]

Commanders Act Privacy Barometer 2021 The impact of explicit consent: a pleasant surprise for the market

For the fourth edition of its annual Barometer, Commanders Act has chosen to focus the spotlight on the trend in consent rates before and after the deadline of 31 March 2021 for complying with the data protection authority’s cookie rules. Paris, 17 June 2021 – Commanders Act, Europe’s leading SaaS software vendor in Tag & […]

Privacy Barometer 2020: the gulf widens between brands in terms of GDPR compliance

Although the explicit consent rate is generally rising, many companies are still lagging far behind when it comes to complying with the GDPR, with only a few months remaining until the transition period granted by CNIL expires. Paris, 4 June 2020 – Commanders Act, the European leader in SaaS-based Customer Data Platforms (CDP), is publishing […]

Commanders Act receives the Excellence label from RGPD Check

The Customer Data Platform expert confirms its commitment towards the strict and effective application of the GDPR in the digital ecosystem. Paris, 26 May 2020 – Commanders Act, the European leader in SaaS-based Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and an expert in Tag & Data Management, has announced that it has been awarded the Excellence label […]

Commanders Act continues to grow in the Customer Data Platform market

With its 10th year in business just around the corner, Commanders Act is confirming its expertise and maturity in data and consent collection in a rapidly evolving market. Paris, 6 February 2020 – For Commanders Act, the European leader in the SaaS-based CDP (Customer Data Platform), a highlight of 2019 will have been its sustained […]

Commanders Act publishes its 2nd Privacy Barometer, based on the behaviour of 9 million internet users

Banners, pop-ins, acceptance through clicking or scrolling…1 year on from the introduction of the GDPR, how does the way consent is collected influence a user’s decision to give it? Paris, 19 June 2019 – 6 months after the launch of the first Online Consent Barometer, Commanders Act, the European leader in SaaS Tag and Data […]

Commanders Act provides its expertise and experience in aid of marketing teams

Commanders Act has published its white paper on Customer Data Platforms to help marketing teams overcome their challenges Paris, 4 May 2019 – Identified as one of the best-positioned European solutions in the Customer Data Platform sector, Commanders Act are experts in data management and have shared this expertise with marketing teams through their CDP […]

GDPR: 1 year on, fully compliant?

One year after coming into force, the GDPR has not had its last word and remains a key concern for businesses Everyone remembers where they were on 25th May 2018, when the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect. In the wake of numerous scandals that tarnished the reputation of some of the digital […]

Thanks to Commanders Act, Sorgenia makes the most of digital technology to personalise the customer experience and improve customer support

The Italian energy supplier has achieved 15% more conversions by fully leveraging its data Italy’s leading digital energy company By making innovation its guiding principle, Sorgenia has become Italy’s leading digital energy company. The supplier, which provides gas and electricity to homes, entrepreneurs and small businesses, aims to offer customer service that is both friendly […]

Commanders Act launches TrustCommander, a new optimised version of its Privacy module

An update which makes the module more user-friendly and simplifies compliance with personal data collection laws Paris, May 16th 2019 – Commanders Act, the SaaS vendor specialising in Tag and Data Management, is proud to announce the launch of TrustCommander, an improved version of its Privacy module designed to simplify and optimise organisations’ compliance with […]

Why does the last click model endure?

Despite the customer journey becoming ever-more difficult to follow, due in no small part to our omni-channel world, attribution models remain largely focused on the last click. And this is not for purely technological reasons… It’s a paradox: while digital advertising seems to be an avid consumer of technological innovation, with programmatic advertising and DCO […]

Commanders Act in the world’s top 3 “enterprise tag management” solutions

In the latest Gartner study, Commanders Act is the only European and French vendor to feature in the market’s top  3 with its TagCommander solution Paris, 4th April 2019 – Commanders Act, a SaaS vendor specialising in Tag & Data Management, is proud to announce that its TagCommander solution has this year been recognised by […]

Privacy Commanders Act Barometer GDPR: 5 lessons to remember for obtaining consent…

…and a few presumptions you might need to rethink Banners, pop-ins, confirmation through clicking or scrolling…how does the way you collect consent influence a user’s decision to give it? How successful are the various opt-in mechanisms being used to comply with the GDPR? This study was conducted over 14 days, from 6th to 19th August […]

Commanders Act publishes the first Privacy Barometer, based on the behaviour of over 10 million internet users

Banners, pop-ins, confirmation through clicking or scrolling…in the GDPR era, how does the way consent is collected influence a user’s decision to give it? Paris, November 20th 2018 – Commanders Act, the European leader in SaaS Tag and Data Management solutions, has published its Online Consent Barometer (OCB), the first barometer on the matter of […]

Game manufacturer Ravensburger backs Commanders Act

TagCommander offers dynamic tag management with a substantial range of features, including GDPR compliance Munich, October 16, 2018 – Commanders Act, a European provider of enterprise solutions for tag, data and customer journey management, has won Ravensburger as a new customer. This traditional German company is now using Commanders Act’s tag management solution to collect and […]

Commanders Act Germany chosen by Deutsche Post to convert online customers through advertising mail

Commanders Act incorporates direct mail campaigns into its DataCommander solution Paris, October 4, 2018 – Thanks to Data Commander, Commanders Act’s CDP (Customer Data Platform), visitors showing an online interest in a product or service but who didn’t complete their purchase can now receive advertising through the post. Want to convert an abandoned cart into […]

The CDP is gradually taking over the DMP. Revolution or evolution? Find out here

As has happened many times before in the innovative world of digital marketing, it would appear that the arrival of CDP marks the end of the DMP. But is this a revolution, or rather an evolution? Let’s look at 5 major reconciliations made possible by the CDP to find out. #1 Reconciliation of activations Historically, […]
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