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White Paper – How do you prepare for the cookieless world?

And why the Server-Side model will become your greatest ally … and how to prepare for a cookieless world. Essential and fragile in equal measure: that’s exactly how the status of data could be summed up in 2022. Data are essential. Take away data, and digital operations effectively lose their power of sight, whether disseminating […]

Time to invest in a Customer Data Platform

White Paper – Time to invest in a Customer Data Platform “Our tools give business users direct control of their first-party data.” “We provide an up-to-the-second view of all your customer data.” Chances are high that those promises sound familiar. You’ve heard them from companies selling data warehouses, Customer Relationship Management, Master Data Management, Integration […]

Gartner – Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021

According to Gartner, “by 2023, 60% of organizations will compose components from three or more analytics solutions to build decision-oriented applications infused with analytics that connect insights into actions.   In this report, we believe you will understand which are the main trends in Data and Analytics for 2021. You will understand how to turn these […]

Personalisation: the favourite playground for CDP

White Paper: Personalisation : the favourite playground for CDP Personalising the Customer Journey to guarantee a high impact customer experience and achieve such goals as acquisition and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the Holy Grail among marketing professionals. There is no shortage of activation strategies that they can harness to reach those aims, whether personalising the […]

White Paper – Consent Management

Personal data management is receiving special treatment across the world, whether Europe, North America or Asia. Europe is one of the movement’s forerunners after enacting the GDPR and requiring data controllers and processors to obtain consent before they can collect and use personal information. We may only be in the teething stages, but make no […]

CDP: The new copilot of today’s marketer

CDP: The new copilot of today’s marketer How to collect and combine all your prospect and customer data? How to orchestrate your activations on an omnichannel scale? How to customize the customer experience? Meeting these challenges requires improving customer knowledge and making this knowledge directly accessible to marketing teams. This is the vocation of the […]

Privacy Booklet

Despite the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into effect on 25th May 2018, many businesses are still not yet compliant.

5 to ePrivacy!

How to prepare your Marketing for ePrivacy using using an integrated CMP-CDP?

From tag management to data matching

How to ensure your DMP is GDPR compliant

Data Privacy: To Whom Does Data Belong-and to Whom Will It Belong in the Future?

Data Privacy: To Whom Does Data Belong-and to Whom Will It Belong in the Future? This free White Paper offers comprehensive information on the subject of data privacy and the new European General Data Protection Regulation that enters into force in May 2018. We’ve created a concise summary of the most important points for your […]

Customer Journey & Attribution

How you and your team can turn prospects into customers What do world-class football and efficient online marketing have in common?

Tag Management pivotal to marketing agility

Commanders Act commissioned Forrester to carry out a study of digital marketing priorities at large financial services and retail organizations across France and Germany.

Playbook – Customer Data Platform

NBA playbooks are known for being incredibly detailed. They outline the athletic talent, teaching, tactical maneuvers and strategies. They provide guidance to the entire team as well as to individual. They aim to maximize performance on the court. Much more than any other MarTech solutions, a CDP platform is not bound to the digital marketing […]
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